When I was in Elementary School, we used to practice tornado drills. The safest place in our classroom was under our desk. I always wondered how the desk would protect us from the strong winds of a tornado!


     That little desk reminds me that the only place I am truly safe is in the presence of God. When we trust in God through Jesus, we can say that God is our safe place. Our circumstances may seem like a tornado of chaos, but God promises that whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. That means you can go to God to hide. You can go to God for protection. When we draw near to God in prayer, worship, and study of His Word, we can have peace in any circumstance. Sometimes we leave ourselves vulnerable to the chaos around us when we look for peace in unstable places. It can be like hiding under a desk in a tornado, instead of seeking shelter in a strong fortress. We won’t find peace in approval from other people. We might find temporary peace in substances, overeating, or distractions. Lasting and unshakeable peace comes from the true safety of the shadow of the Almighty. Peace comes from living in the presence of God. We can have peace when we step out of the shadow of doubt and into a real, life-altering friendship with God.